New Microsoft CSP direct requirements

Will Microsofts tougher requirements force you
to become a CSP indirect partner?

Starting August 31 Microsoft will introduce new, stricter, requirements for its CSP direct bill partners. These changes could force as many as 4 out of 5 CSP partners to change there status from a CSP direct to a CSP indirect status. Is your organisation ready to deal with the new requirements and its effects?

Topics covered include:

- Why is Microsoft changing the requirements

- Old vs new requirements

- What this will mean for CSP direct partners

- When the new requirements will start for your business

- What this will mean for your business

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About Resello

As an official Microsoft CSP Distributor, Resello can deliver Azure, Azure Stack, and Office 365 to CSP direct and CSP indirect partners. You can easily automate your business through our easy-to-use and well-documented API and use the self-service area to provision and manage customers, products, and usage in one place. And the best part? The platform itself is free  ΜΆ  you only pay for the products you sell.        

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